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Point Of Sale

4D Retail is the web-based point of sale system that makes it simple to sell to your customers, and keep them coming back to your store. It works on Mac or PC, online and offline, and is so easy to use you can get your staff selling in no time. It integrates with a variety of hardware & payment providers.

Inventory Management

Easily manage your products, whether you have one SKU or thousands. Powerful inventory management software to maximize your profits. Improve efficiency, gain visibility into your stock and automate your hardest jobs. Effortlessly manage pricing across all your channels and customer groups.

Staff Performance Tracking

Manage all aspects of staff operations from a single console. From onboarding employees to tracking productivity, sales targets, stock monitoring and much more. Streamline your administrative processes and cut down on time spent on administrative paperwork.

Customized Promotions

Promotional offers are something which keeps your customer coming back to your store. Using 4D Retail, you can create multiple types of promotions with various conditions. You can also attract new customers and increase revenue by creating and assigning gift cards.


4D Retail can integrate with various EDC machines and accept all type of Payments like Cash, Credit and Debit cards, Gift Cards, Split Payment, Partial payments etc. It can also record payment method used and generate & filter reports according to the payment method used.

Store In Store Management

Store in Store(SIS) Management is pain point for many manufactures, where they could not track or control the staff & inventory. SIS Management Module is USP of 4D Retail which help Management & Head Office to keep track of each and every SIS operations


Keep all your customer information in one place - whether they shop with you in-store, online, or both. Grow repeat business with your own custom loyalty program that’s simple to manage and easy for your customers to join. Manage a single customer list for all your outlets, including Vend Ecommerce stores, and always keep customer data in sync.

Growth & Multi Outlets

Run your entire business with 4D Retail, no matter how complex your operations are or how many stores you have. Open a new store in just minutes, add a warehouse or go mobile with a pop-up store using the 4D Retail Mobile APP. Find all your information in one place, from your product catalog, to your inventory, customers and reporting.

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