Security Watches


With increasing brutal incidents with kids around the country, parents are concerned about their children’s safety and want to stay connected with them at all times, even in schools. The only device that serves the purpose is the mobile phone which fulfils.

the parents’ desire but becomes a headache for schools to manage. Children tend to focus more on the virtual world rather than the one they are living in. Excessive use of phones causes:

- Disturbance in studies
- Easy access to video games
- Brand war leading to inferiority
- Exposure to violence, nudity and pornography
- Introduction to opportunity oriented people leading to a distant relationship with parents
- Fatigue due to continuous interaction with mobile screen leading to slow brain


It is world’s first kid’s GPS tracking smart—watch with the dual control system. It is a combination of smart—watch and mobile application which automatically switches control between parents and school according to kids’ location. Outside the school, watch allows pa rents to get in touch with their children anytime-anywhere with voice calling and messages but as the child enters the school premises, the complete control comes under school.

With the help ofthis, parents can stay connected with their kids without the consequences that come with phones. It also has an SOS (Emergency Calling) feature that allows students to reach out to parents or school as per the location in case of any security threat.

Equipped with multiple security features such as safe and dangerous zone alert, watch removal alert, live location tracking etc., it solves the problem ofchildren safety, connectivity and mobile addiction atthe same time.

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