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Headquartered in Singapore, Tecxed is a technology consulting for SAP & Digital Transformation solutions provider. Our expertise is in business solutions for enterprise assets management using SAP S4HANA and other digital solutions/ product development in web technologies, AI and IoT.

We provide

  1. Consultancy on Asset Management in SAP S4HANA
  2. SAP Solution in SAP S4 HANA REFX (Real Estate & Fixed Assets)
  3. Solution for IFRS, Lease, Asset structuring (land, building, equipment & all type of assets)
  4. Solution capabilities for the following businesses (already delivered to clients using SAP)
    1. Weighbridge custom App in SAP ABAP- FIORI
    2. Fleet Management using standard SAP S4 HANA
    3. Asset disposal using SAP S4 HANA
    4. Waste Disposal using SAP S4 HANA

Tecxed also work in areas of Assets Management such as Asset disposal and Waste Management, EHS and Fleet Management and can help you to develop quick solution in SAP.

Tecxed, is managed by SAP experts in EAM, RE-FX, SCM and PLM.

Digital Transformation (Non SAP)

  1. CRM and other solutions based on AI, chatbots, IoT solution capabilities.
  2. Web & Mobile technology solutions
  3. We can integrate such solutions with your backend ERP such as SAP to give you seamless end to end solution & automation
  4. If you have a problem statement related to your business, our consulting and technical ability can give you development & support to develop your specific product.

Startegy. Consulting. Technology.
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