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Airline MRO

The airline was implementing SAP with iMRO and Tecxed handled the critical areas such as:
Aircraft Crisis management
Reliability Engineering
Audit Management
Document Management System

The challenge was Crisis management and master data locking system in one click while Aircraft may have hundreds of master data for its systems, equipments, components, measurements points and documents, open notifications, work orders and all other data relevant for investigation. Crisis or incident requrement was immediate locking for investigation and unlocking of data once crisis is resolved. This was designed and delivered successfully with proper authorization control. Reliability was another challenge delivered through design using BI and BO dashboard while history and running data loaded seamlessly. Audit management was designed for various vendors, components, aircraft systems by reading a 800 page audit manual. Tips were taken out and completely designed without any enhancement saving cost and operative difficulties resulting audit planning and execution done much more efficiently.

This was challenging as the project size was large, there was no MRO solution in SAP and therefore few unique scenarios related to aircraft servicing business came as a big challenge while client wanted service planing to be done like a real time considering all factors of resources, materials, scafolds, mobile docks, hanger availability, airplane landing schedule etc. service data was vailable in a 3rd party system and SAP was used to plan the slots of service timings in advance. The scenario was delivered, handling technical challenges to develop the scenario using SAP APO expertise.

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