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Pradeep Maithani
Business & Projects Management in SAP Consulting
Issues with growth of SME in India

‘Recently during India visit, met industry owners from Ghaziabad industrial area who invited me to discuss the business growth factors possible while managing the constraints such as high taxation, labor issues etc. Planning to ...Read More

by Tecxed  |  12 November 2016
A SME journey across South East Asia

‘Well, I’ll rather prefer to have three more staff to manage the growing sales invoice processing and do proper accounting rather than buying an ERP. From SAP? No Lah….too expensive.’ Later, they found out how wrong their assumption...Read More

by Tecxed  |  October 23, 2017
Tecxed closed 2017 with a great feet

Tecxed closed 2017 with a great feet by closing the largest SAP business by Design deal in South East Asia with a retail organization. Interestingly the closest competition was with S4HANA! As the Market leader SAP ...Read More

by Tecxed  |  4 september 2016
SAP Business ByDesign – happy customers and significant progress

As I mentioned in the SAPPHIRE preview, I had the privilege of addressing a couple hundred SAP Business ByDesign customers this year. It’s something I rarely do but this is a topic close to my heart so it wasn’t stressful. A few things come ...Read More

by Tecxed  |  May 20, 2016

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