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Asset Documentation Management

In a manufacturing set up, large size operation documents play a vital part in operational expenses and management. For example, a cross – section diagram of an equipment may play a critical role in a certain incident of equipment repair. If latest version is not maintained (which includes latest modification details), this repair can be disastrous and may result in longer repair time.
SAP S4HANA provides you in-built solution for robust document management so that latest documents are maintained and can be access at the time of processing the transactions. Example of such documentation with respect to an asset can be:

  1. Asset operating manual
  2. Manufacturer warranty document
  3. Equipment technical diagrams, pictures, video
  4. Agreements (with manufacturer or a vendor who is taking care of AMC)
  5. Any regulatory / compliance related document

Mismanaged documents can lead to large losses of asset health, funds and increased efforts to recuperate other losses. In many industries, documents are a part of the regulatory requirements as well, leading to their increased importance.
Tecxed offers consulting & solution implementation services on document solutions-

  1. By using SAP DMS (Document Management System). This solution offers direct integration options with objects in other SAP modules.
  2. Open Text Ex ECM (Enterprise Content Management).
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