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Asset Maintainence

In the manufacturing-oriented business, where plant machinery assets, buildings & operations constitute the biggest operational expenses. Is your SAP ECC/S 4HANA system is helping you to manage your plant operations, maintenance, servicing of the assets? Your SAP system can help you to manage the entire life cycle of all enterprise assets including plants, machines, hardware devices, buildings, building management systems etc. Your SAP system can be configured to deliver the benefits listed below:

  1. Stop pilferage of costs in plant operations & maintenance works
  2. Optimize asset performance, enterprise-wide
  3. Maximize production efficiencies
  4. Optimize resource utilization
  5. Improved Asset / Resources health, safety
  6. Digitized IoT transformation for transaction, KPI management & performance measures.
  7. Enhance human performance & job happiness

Tecxed helps you configure your SAP system Enterprise Asset Management with IoT apps additionally developed to completely digitize your manufacturing asset operations & maintenance functions.

SAP S4 HANA also have robust solution to control, check and improve financial performance of the maintenance system.

It has four-dimension solution to give you a $$ value shown as below:

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