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Asset Service

If you are in the business of asset selling, servicing your client’s asset is far more critical in several industries. This is particularly important if asset servicing is directly related to your key business and revenue generation.
Starting from core ERP expertise our consulting and product team now offers Asset CRM complete solution so that, you are enabled to:

  • Customer self-service. Read our partnership success with ABSA bank.
  • Robotic workforce on demand.
  • Automate the customer service process. Instant responses and save time.
  • Enhanced lead conversation to a sales opportunity.
  • Schedule asset service tasks based on criticality of tasks, appointments on an AI based platform for a quick response to your customer calls.
  • Never leave your customer without an answer. Reduce waiting time on call for your customer.
  • Virtual agents handling transaction, process high volume in less time with accuracy and efficiency. Thus, increased ROI.
  • Automate collection of feedback, surveys, measure customer satisfaction in automated responses by the virtual agents.

The front-end Robot runs on an AI based CRM.

Tecxed can integrate the Application with another CRM or backend ERP (such as SAP S4HANA or ECC) for complete IoT digital enablement of the Customer Service processes.
For example, our AI can create backend transaction in SAP and give output to the customer talking to the Digital Robot “Customer Service Manager”.

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