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Set up the master data management center in China.


Challenge was setting up the master data management center in China to cater the master data management needs across all countries client was operating. Setting up the data, process & procedure, training the operative team on system and procedure while ensuring that the operative procedures are accurate enough to work in all countries and fits into various needs. that too was done for all sorts of data from FICO, MM, SD, PP, QM, etc modules including various 3rd party systems since all the countries were not going live collectively and a phase out strategy was required for future as and when a country joinsd the SAP landscape. There was no SAP MDM tool around then.


Challenge was met and system was designed with enhanced process of request and procedure. Team was trained and handholded for a very highly rated successful story as MDM team was very quick to in turnaround to provide a vital fucntion and infact later became a good support on various other fucntions.

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