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Tecxed has delivered many projects within this industry vertical but one of the very challenging one was from Saudi Arabia for a Titanium Di Oxide manufacturer. The challenge was revamping the maintenance management system impacting necessary changes in finance, purchase and inventory processes and system design. A huge training and data correction effort was also put in to ensure the revamped design is succesfully deployed. Plant shut down and projects were mapped in SAP -PS.


A user team was developed to take on the project. Changes in system design were focussed on ROI, process integration, data cleansing and change management to lift the user’s confidence and skills to result into a sustainable application asset. Financial system integration was enhanced for operative cost reduction and identification of cost areas.


For savings in plant shut down and project activities, maintenance management system was enabled with project management system, reducing the planning efforts, vendor negotiations and cost visibility. Also, newly designed system helped in reducing the operational expenses of inventory utilization & purchase planning.

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