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The project was complex in terms of process operation design in the area of production processes and quality control. Industry was beverages and food products. Process orders were designed incorporating recipes for various products while automatic material calculations were needed for the process based on the inputs of, under process quantity and raw material batch composition mix. They were also the deciding factors for the output grade of the products and its composition. Apart from that, quality inspection characteristics were incorporated with recipe design to enable the necessary quality control integration in SAP.

Product life cycle management (mySAP PLM) was used to control the total life cycle of the products with engineering workbench fully designed for various stages of product i.e. development, production and after sales & service. The total design helped the client not only in research & development but helped in improving on production, quality and process control. It also helped in bringing changes in products to suit to the customer taste. It also enabled the production system to trace back to the root causes easily in case of an product error or customer complain. Integration with costing helped in true product costing and also cost improvement through better raw material management.

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