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Enterprise bots

Every day, your employees depend on distinct SAP systems to do their jobs, and every time they switch from system to module to screen they lose focus. It’s been estimated that there are 300,000 to 500,000 screens within core SAP. The daunting task of completing tasks within and across SAP systems is enough to slow down any employee, and prevent them from reaching maximum productivity. Employees need a familiar, natural, and actionable way to take action in SAP systems to truly reach their full potential.

Enterprise Bots enable workers to complete tasks in SAP systems in the same way they communicate with co-workers. They can use conversational interfaces such as SMS, email, messaging clients and other social platforms to command bots to complete tasks like purchase order creation and make a time entry. The result is a fluid conversation between employees and the systems they rely on to do their jobs. By using natural language to interact with systems, workers reduce time and friction associated with toggling from system to module to screen to field. We provide bots for SAP S/4HANA, SAP ByD, SAP Hybris® Cloud for Customer & other integrated applications. Our- more than a 100- bots empower users to work simply.

A sample of what Enterprise BOTs can do

Deliver actionable alerts from SAP & complimentary systems

EBots allow users to customize alerts and ensure they not only get the info they need, but that they can act immediately. (This sentence is repeated twice. It’s under this point and another).

  • Get notified when a purchase order exceeds the quantity of 5,000 units
  • Receive an alert, with full details, when a subordinate submits a timesheet for approval
  • Receive a notification when a customer order is delivered

Provide reports, on demand, or according to a schedule

EBots understand report parameters like type, number of line items, and timeframe, helping them achieve the same level of granularity with a simpler delivery.

  • Access digital copies of company HR policies
  • View work order details for scheduled plant maintentence
  • Receive sales opportunity pipeline reports daily at 9:00AM

Push data into SAP systems via natural language or simple forms

Bots allow users to customize alerts and ensure they not only get the info they need, but can take action immediately.

  • Submit hours worked and leave requests for approval
  • Book flights, hotels and rental cars to streamline travel & expense
  • Create sales orders, purchase orders and work orders

Execute workflows between SAP & complimentary systems

Bots simplify workflows and processes by enabling users to take related actions from alerts they deliver

  • Approve or reject timesheet entries, expense reports and worklist items
  • Create sales contacts from leads or add notes to recently updated opportunities
  • Create sales orders in ERP from recently closed opportunities in CRM

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