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Product mix in this Iron & Steel industry client was too large as there were possibility of any size of a steel sheet in demand by customers. Variant configuration and its various possibilities needed permutation and combination to incorporate all product size requirements. Process order, product versions, recipes and quality control design helped client to achieve true product costing, better production planning to take upon high order load and plan better product mix campaign in order to achieve high productivity without putting more stress to the plant and machinary system.

Plant maintenance was the other area where distinct improvements were achieved to improve the plant availability by a improved condition monitoring and preventive maintenance measures. Better spare part management was observed after SAP implementation, by maintaining various stocks of spares and MRP data which helped in better material availability in case of plant breakdowns and shut down management situations. This resulted in improved MTBR (mean time between repairs) fro critical production processing units like 6 Hi Mill, 4Hi Mill, Continuous Pickling Line, Continuous Galvanizing Line and Colour Coating Line.

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