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We worked with SAP on this project where SAP was designed to manage the large size government projects on economic development of various regions across various states in Malaysia. The challenges were the integrations with MM, FICO, Public Sector Fund Management and HR modules to produce a seamless design to cater large size projects involving various agencies, vendors who were reporting in various forms and tools and it was not easy to collaborate the whole data into Project System (PS) module. PS was designed to cater operational system as well as operative level reports.We also worked to develop many other reports and analysis on BI (Business Intelligence) and top level reporting on Business Object dashboard.

To cater such vast reporting and very user specific KPIs to meausure project's performance using 188 various parameters (some of them were discussed at Chief Minister level), we disigned PS to record all such parameters and KPIs at Project Definaition level to cater entire reporting. Integration with Fund Management was also challenging as it was used to do long term budgeting and financial p[lanning for such economic development plans by the ovt agencies involved.

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