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SAP S4HANA Enterprise Asset Management

Pre-asset processes mapping such as Investment programs, project, management for AuC, capitalization of assets, asset procurement and master data mapping in SAP etc.

Post-acquisition process & solutions for the entire asset lifecycle in SAP. Depreciation, Function location and equipment structures (for buildings, plant machinery), maintenance & repair, health checks, asset modifications and re-valuation all in SAP.

Asset retirement processes in SAP. Asset disposal order, asset disposal planning, write off, residual selling

Work clearance management for building, plant and machinery, linear type assets with completely risk controlled tag out, lock out processes for safety of the people and assets. Work Permit process for complex, risky/ hazardous asset maintenance.

EHS- SAP EHS for safe environment, safety processes, occupation health

Other asset handling processes such as lost and found, claims, allotment to the company personnel.

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