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Headquartered in Singapore, Tecxed is a technology consulting & solutions provider. We provide business solutions for enterprise assets management using SAP S4HANA.

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Our Vision

To provide world class management systems to our clients within their business parameters, and to help them reap the benefits of these systems.

Our Mission

To become synonymous with efficient management methodologies for the business and industrial world.

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1,006,700 + hours of SAP consulting expertise

Core Service offering SAP S4/ HANA SAP ECC, SAP Cloud Solution like SAP BYD, SAP SF, C4C, Ariba & SAP IS Solutions.

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Professional Services
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Engineering Services
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Auto After Market
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Equipment Manufacturing
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Improve sales efficiency with us view details
Latest Blogs

A SME journey across South East Asia

‘Well, I’ll rather prefer to have three more staff to manage the growing sales invoice processing and do proper accounting rather than buying an ERP. From SAP? No Lah….too expensive.’ Later, they found out how wrong their assumption...Read More

by Tecxed  |  October 23, 2017
Issues with growth of SME in India

‘Recently during India visit, met industry owners from Ghaziabad industrial area who invited me to discuss the business growth factors possible while managing the constraints such as high taxation, labor issues etc. Planning to ...Read More

by Tecxed  |  12 November 2016
Tecxed closed 2017 with a great feet

Tecxed closed 2017 with a great feet by closing the largest SAP business by Design deal in South East Asia with a retail organization. Interestingly the closest competition was with S4HANA! As the Market leader SAP ...Read More

by Tecxed  |  4 september 2016

Tecxed left no stone unturned to provide us with an efficient SAP system that will help us in the long run. Their recommended system has resulted in reduced project and maintenance expenses- especially when we buy directly from warehouses.

- Ehab Abu Al-Fara'a
Head: Core Maintenance Area

Tecxed has always been a favourite among our students- for their vast experience and knowledge in PS-PM modules. I am certain that Tecxed’s assistance- in SAP PS and PM works- will be truly game-changing to any organization.

- Krishnamoorthy Ramoo
Chief Operating Officer

I’d like to thank Tecxed deeply. They provided us their renowned facilities, ensuring our project was a huge success. They also worked with us seamlessly- like all of us were a team. Working with them was a pleasure.

- Khaled Aldryaan
Branch manager – corporate / Jeddah "Saudi Arabia"

"Tecxed is helping us to build a connection between the business and IT, It helps us to re-engineer our operations to facilitate our growth aspirations and revenue via e-commerce, retail and corporate channels"

Billy C Hartana
PT. Surya

"Tecxed's SAP Business by Design with integrated POS solution enables us to make information more visible across the corporation, stores and allow us to cross sell between stores, reduce operative costs and have excellent analytics to fuel growth of the business"

Evan Kong
PT. Mekar Niaga Sentosa

Let me just start by saying thank you for your corporation for providing us all the facilities needed to make this important project run , we would like to say that we are working as one team the success will impact all of us as well as the failure , never the less we know for fact your facilities are well known and we have been dealing with you for quite long time and the success was the head line all the way down

Hari Sugito
PT. Carvil Abadi, Indonesia
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